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Smoking kills. Tobacco is one of the highest causes of cancer in the Unites States, and millions try to quit smoking every day to avoid it. However, many feel the need to replace their habit with something else. Some eat, some drink, some chew their pen. There is another alternative that doesn’t make you gain weight, and doesn’t stain your lips an unseemly blue.

Electronic Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes are a relatively new innovation, that help wean smokers off their deadly addiction. Instead of burning tobacco, which creates many toxic carcinogens, e-cigs provide nicotine toePuffer the user in the form of a flavored vapor, heated from a flavoured glycerine and nicotine compound, called e-liquid. Smoking e-cigs is also known as “vaping”.

E-cigs have been shown to be less harmful than traditional cigarettes in some trials, though research on their safety is currently scarce. Their use can also aid in quitting smoking and combatting a nicotine addiction, and it is possible to buy e-liquid that does not contain nicotine.

ePuffer Review

ePuffer is a company that manufactures some of the best e-cigarettes on the market. They have been operating since 2007, when the e-cig market was all but non-existent. They are now one of the largest e-cigarette providers in the world.

Unlike some vaporisers ePuffer’s e-cigarettes are not big, unseemly, and unwieldy – they look just like a normal cigarette, minus the embers on the tip. They are also much more affordable than traditional cigarettes – their cheapest starter kit comes in at 25 Euros, or roughly 26 USD, and as they are rechargeable, the only cost after your initial purchase is in e-liquid, which costs much less than a packet of cigarettes, and lasts longer.


If you’re trying to quit smoking, beat a nicotine addiction, or simply want to lower the risks of smoking, e-cigarettes are a great way to do it, and ePuffer offers some of the best out there, at affordable prices – and they’re better for your health! They deliver Worldwide.


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